Katherine of Alexandria US release date announced.

Katherine of Alexandria, a film which CMC arranged to have wonderfully scored by London based John Koutselinis starring Peter O’Toole in his last film role Empirewill be released by Lionsgate under the title “Decline of An Empire” in the US market will be on August 12, 2014.

Katherine of Alexandria, brought up as a nomad and living in the desert, was aged just 11 when Emperor Maxentius saw her whilst out on patrol. Consumed by her beauty, impudence and uncanny talent for languages, he abducted the child, killing her family. The slaughter was witnessed by her young friend, Constantine, who would later become Emperor of the Western Roman Empire. He never lost hope of finding Katherine. As a young woman, Katherine refused to submit to Maxentius’ offers of marriage and she continually denounced his brutal enforcement of pagan religion upon the masses. Still obsessed with her beauty, Maxentius brought Katherine before 50 of Rome’s finest scholars in an open court in Alexandria, where she eloquently demolished their arguments. When Constantine learned of Katherine’s whereabouts and imprisonment at the hands of Maxentius, he led his army from York in a desperate bid to save her.

NIGHTINGALE, a Fantasy Series ebook, scored by James Guymon

NIGHTINGALE launches New York Times bestselling author David Farland’s first contemporary fantasy series for Young Adults. With over fifty published novels, including some from the Star Wars and the Mummy franchises as well as his best selling RUNELORDS series, Mr. Farland says, “I wrote NIGHTINGALE for anyone ages twelve and above, and I also stretched for a lifelong goal to write a book that will still be read and loved fifty years from now. To do that, I strove to write a fantastic story and to publish it superbly in every medium, including one that is just arriving.”
Mr. Farland’s new classic tells the story of a young man, Bron, abandoned at birth, and raised in foster care. He’s kicked out of one home after another for being “strange.” Finally, at age 16, Bron goes to live with a woman named Olivia who recognizes instantly that he’s special. He’s what she calls a “Nightingale,” a creature not quite human.

A forty-five minute original soundtrack was created by the head of the Composer’s Guild of America, James Guymon. Performed by highly skilled musicians, portions sound reminiscent of Joe Satriani’s work, or that of Pink Floyd. This is highly appropriate because in the novel, Bron works at becoming the world’s greatest guitarist and idolizes Joe Satriani. The album is a masterpiece in itself.
Finally, Farland released it as an e-book and also as an enhanced novel, which is something more than an e-book. An enhanced novel takes advantage of technologies recently made available on a newer class of e-readers such as the iPad 2 and Kindle Fire. These allow the e-book to contain sound effects, music, video, pictures, animations, author’s notes, and games. This is where it all comes together.
Many enhanced novels have already been made with a number of different slants, each taking the technology in a different direction. What makes NIGHTINGALE different is that nothing is included that will interrupt the reading experience, only enhance it, to make it something more than reading. Music, art and animations are used only at the beginnings of chapters, to set the tone.

In all ways, NIGHTINGALE is engineered to be a modern classic fantasy series for young adults, perhaps even advancing the way we choose to e-read. But that wasn’t enough for Farland and East India Press. Knowing that most people do not have the capability to read an enhanced novel, they created a web viewer that allows the enhanced novel to be accessed on any computer, no e-reader needed. Anyone can sample the enhanced novel for free at http://www.nightingalenovel.com or buy the enhanced novel web edition and read the entire enhanced novel from their computer.

David Farland is a multiple New York Times bestselling author with over fifty published novels who has won many awards, including the Philip K. Dick Memorial Special Award for Best Novel in English Language and the Whitney Award for Best Novel of the Year. He has also worked in Hollywood as a movie producer and was one of the designers for one of the best selling computer games of all time. This made him uniquely qualified to partner with East India Press and produce the world’s most advanced enhanced novels.

John Avarese attached to score Mark Pellington’s “I Melt With You”.

I Melt with You premieres at Sundance in 2011. Director: Mark Pellington; Screenwriter: Glenn Porter, based on the story by Glenn Porter and Mark Pellington.
Four friends gather every year to celebrate their friendship. This year they are unexpectedly forced to confront a forgotten promise they made 25 years earlier. As they examine choices they’ve made, they realize that what they said they would do with their lives and what they have done are entirely different. Cast: Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe, Christian McKay, Carla Gugino.
Details to follow.

James Guymon scores cues for Chinese epic, “Empires of The Deep”.

Mermaid legends have existed all over the world for thousands of years, attracting people from all over the world. Many questions remain unanswered regarding this bewitching and enigmatic race. Why do mermaids tempt humans with their seductive songs? What secrets lie hidden deep within their legends? Empires of the Deep will provide the answers in spectacular style.

Empires of the Deep is a unique undersea fantasy adventure, which uses the latest in CGI to shape a new and exciting underwater world. This world is inhabited by mermaids, giants, an evil mage and dozens of different undersea kingdoms and races: each with their own cultural traits. The giants are more powerful than the mysterious mermaids but both must ally together to battle an ancient evil

Our protagonist is a young man with a hidden power. After a local temple is ghosted away overnight, he begins his search and encounters the mysterious mermaid Aka * their meeting triggers an unforgettable series of events which shake the mermaid world to its very foundations.

The movie explores the mysterious and apparently bizarre characteristics of mermaids, depicting their danger as welI as their exquisite beauty; and how their love can be both bewitching and deadly.

Other themes explored by Empires of the Deep include the battle between good and evil and one man* s struggle against his own destiny.

It is a fantasy movie about magic and demons, with spectacular battles and an epic story transcending a thousand years.