Charles David Denler

According to Film Music Magazine and The Scoreboard, American composer and pianist, Charles Denler holds the record for having more upcoming films than any other film and television composer to date. With nearly 200 film and television scores to his credit, Charles’ multiple Emmy Award-winning music can be heard all over the world. His ability to work in a wide variety of genres, and his collaborative work sense, has made him a top choice among producers and directors. Charles’ classical training and strong proficiency with contemporary sound allow him great flexibility and versatility as a composer.

Charles received critical acclaim by winning an EMMY in 2004 for his work on Bentley Creek and went on to receive his second EMMY in 2005 for his score to Beyond The Medal Of Honor. In 2010 Charles was awarded the Jury Choice GOLD MEDAL for his score to the Richard Gere film, Teenage Witness, and a second GOLD MEDAL for the film, I AM, at the Park City Film Music Festival. In 2011 Charles received The Ribaut Award for Excellence in Music for Film at the Beaufort International Film Festival.

Charles began his career as a recording artist, releasing eight albums and working with a number of leading producers in the industry. Charles’ music has been featured with artists such as Creed, Cyndi Lauper, and Jose Feliciano.

Upon meeting Hardy Jones and Julia Whitty, Parthenon Entertainment, Charles was asked to write music for their National Geographic production, Twenty Years with the Dolphins. It was then that Charles fell in love with the art of film scoring. Following with two more Geographic projects, he went on to write for numerous other documentaries, film and television programs, and promotional work that included the main theme for the new STARZ! Kids’ Television Network, music for Animal Planet, The History Channel, Honda, Coca Cola, Oprah, Dateline, PBS, NBC, NASA, HDNet and many feature film productions. Actors featured in Charles’ films include Richard Dreyfuss, Richard Gere, Susan Sarandon, Daryl Hannah, Steve Guttenberg, Louis Gossett Jr., Michael Madsen, Charles Durning and many others.

Charles is well versed in blending symphonic orchestra with world instrumentation. He is fluent with many indigenous instruments, such as flute techniques associated with Peru, Native American Indian, Japanese Raku, and various world percussion.

Charles’ accomplishments have been featured in many articles including Keyboard Magazine, MIX Magazine, Recording Magazine, and in POST Magazine.